What is it About a Walk In Closet That Makes It So Desirable?

Your optimally designed walk in closet will do a number of things for you:

  • The most obvious is to provide you with the most efficiently organized space.
  • But it also becomes daily support and inspiration, a quiet place to start the day, sip your coffee, find the right outfit so you can be your very best.
  • It can be built to match your style, color preferences etc.
  • With adjustable shelves and rods, it can be very easily altered to adapt to changes in your wardrobe.
  • It also increases the overall value of your home and makes it more desirable for the next owner.

I focus here mainly on Melamine Custom Closets, because they bring together all the qualities I want to find in a closet:

  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Fully customized, fits wall to wall
  • Lasting value
  • Easy maintenance

Walk In Closets Come in All Shapes and Looks

These days, as many people choose to improve their present home rather than buy a new one, there are different ways to integrate a walk in closet into your plans:

  • Example Walk In ClosetThe most common is to have one or two walk ins as little rooms somewhere near the bathroom and bedroom.
  • Another option is to transform a whole existing room into a master closet. The hanging-, shelf- and drawer sections are designed around the room according to your preferences. If the room is big enough, you may even integrate an island or a peninsula.
  • Walk In Closet with Cabinets Behind DoorsAnother way to create a walk in is to build cabinets behind doors, in a room that you wish to keep as a room, that might be a sitting room, a little office space , a reading room with a view etc…
    One client of mine had a large and long room with glass doors and two bay windows that looked out onto a deck. We built the same sections as in a walk in, but put everything behind doors, so that the beauty of the room with the magnificent mountain view was not compromised and they kept plenty of space for a couple of armchairs.
  • Finally, the trend to do away with doors and walls is also finding its way into Master Suites where the closet may be part of one continuum with the bathroom.

Who Will Help You With a New Walk In Closet?

Closet design is a very recent development in home design and its specifics are not always understood:

  • Poor Closet DesignArchitects are not usually trained to know what is needed in a closet. It has happened to me many times that I would ask the contractor if he could move a door to allow for more organized space in an planned walk in (in a home being built), or make some other little change that would allow for more hanging space.
  • Professional organizers may not know the product well enough to understand how to design it.
  • Interior designers can help you with style and colors.
  • Poor Closet DesignBuilders and contractors may install rods that will have your clothes stick out in the doorway when you hang them in place, or that cross in corners. These details may not be obvious to the untrained eye when the closet is empty, but they later become a source of constant frustration for those living there.
  • An experienced closet designer will bring the "been there/done it" kind of knowledge to offer you the optimum walk in closet design. If you are using an interior designer, you may have both work together.

    Learn more about walk in closet design
    Learn more about walk in closet organization

What Else Do You Need to Think About?

Once you have the floor plan in place and you know where the various sections for hanging, shelves and drawers will be, the finishing touch will be to choose from a variety of accessories or closet organizers.

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